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Posture on the Put

Summary: Whether you’re stuck on a plane, train, or at work this is the ultimate guide to maintain visually good posture while eliminating strain and stiffness. Instead of sitting stagnate, learn the tricks to gaining length and mobility in your back, neck, and shoulders. This app can be played to target certain areas of the body that feels strain to bring immediate relief. Using your mind to activate a muscle means you can tone that muscle up to 30% just by sending it a message. By learning about your posture and proper movement you will gain much freedom and symmetry in your body, including moving more effectively.

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Posture on the Rise

Summary: This amazing app will improve your posture and contains instructional videos that will take you every step of the way.

Posture is important even in walking and running. If one of your shoulders is higher than the other, your neck and back are going to take a real beating with every step. This app can be played in sections to target certain body zones. Having symmetry in your body is essential to look and preform at your optimal level.

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