Client Comments

Client Comments about Posture in the Work Place:

“I love the fact that I can control my alignment to eliminate the pain in my neck since I work at a desk all day long. I have learned how to engage certain muscles in my armpits by sending them messages to wake up. In essence, I can work out as I work.”

“Learning about my posture as I sit has enabled me to gain comfort in body and therefore, more enjoyment in my life. After the end of a workday, I still have energy to enjoy the evening with my family without needing to nurse my aches and pains. I love the sense of control I have for what happens to my physical body.”

“Since I run a spa and have clients in and out all day long, I hardly have time to work out. With these posture programs I have been able to learn about my muscles and how to engage them while I work. For example, when I am standing and leaning forward, I keep my spine long with my core pulling in while my lat muscles in my mid-back stay active. This helps strengthen my posture while releasing the strain in my neck when I lean over clients to do facials.”

“At one point in my life my hips became so tight they locked up. I learned to stretch out my quads and keep my glutes and hamstrings active as I leaned forward. This helped loosen my hips and removed strain on my lower back. By imagining my muscles as a pulley system has helped me develop a better posture when I stand.”

“I’ve been walking around misaligned for years until I discovered this program. I am so glad to learn how to avoid the damage that comes from repetitive motion done in poor alignment. I never knew that there was a proper alignment for my knees and feet under my hips. Since I walk many miles in a week, I really enjoy using that time to strengthen my sense of alignment and really get into my body.”

Coaches & Athletes’ Comments about Programs:

“By the time my athletes reach their senior year in college, they also reach a plateau in their performance. After this program, my top two seniors improved and I have not seen any of my seniors improve during my 24 years of coaching.”

“Posture and how to mechanically use the body should be taught not just to college athletes but also added to the curriculum for kids in public and charter schools.”

“I never knew I could articulate my spine one vertebrae at a time—this concept alone has helped to decompress my spine which has allowed me to gain much more rotation in my swing.”

“By learning how to activate my lat muscles in order to keep my shoulders back has straightened my posture. This also enables me to keep my chest open which adds more rotation to my shoulder girdle, therefore, I am able to gain more velocity in my swing.”

“I love knowing more about my posture when I run a marathon and the role my core muscles play in keeping me lighter on my feet. It keeps me running stronger longer. I also love the sensation of my core pulling in and how that will help save my knees.”

Client Comments on Pilates & Posture Programs:

“I use to have a hip that would pop out of place. However, after learning to stretch the muscles that are tight in my hip while activating muscles that are weak, my hip has not popped out since. It is so relieving to avoid surgery by using this program to show me how to control my body alignment.”

“One day I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a window and noticed my neck was falling forward off my shoulder with my upper back starting to round. When I shared this experience with a friend she recommended this program. I learned all about the role my upper back muscles play in holding up my posture, and assist to decompress the back of my neck. I am so happy because not only do I feel and visually look taller, I feel more comfortable and mobile in my body.”

“I carried pain in my lower back for six years and thought I would have to live with pain the rest of my life. But after my fifth class, the pain subsided and I thought it was a miracle.”

“Once I learned how to open my rib cage, and lift it away from my pelvis, I was able to gain mobility and rotation in my lower back. Now I have more freedom in my body.”

“I never realized my quads were overactive and stuck in a shortened position. By stretching my quads and activating my gluts I was able to find and maintain good alignment of my pelvis.”

“When I checked my blind spot when driving, I didn’t realize I was crunching my neck. By learning to rotate my head in line with my spine, I have been able to relieve pain in my neck.”

“I never realized my body was caving in on itself. Once I learned how to create length in my body, I’m much more confidence in my performance knowing that I have the upper hand in avoiding injury.”

“By learning to stretch my chest muscles and activate my upper back muscles, I’ve been able to lift my rib cage in order to align my neck and loosen my lower back. I have been able to stay active longer.”

A Word from Myriah to All her Supporters:

I would like to give my gratitude to my clients and students for sharing their movement and injury experiences with me. My appreciation to my fellow Pilates and Health Professionals for their collaboration and sharing of knowledge, studio space and members.  To my sponsors who have elevated my achievements, my love to you as well.

With all of your time and kindness, I have been able to become the teacher I am today.

Thank you.