About Us

A word from Myriah Lynn

I could not get away from how the simplest information transformed my body, so I want to share this experience. We all have the power to journey inward to heal and protect ourselves. That’s where it is. It’s not in your doctor, who is only guided by you. Your doctor is just a guide and not an absolute that knows you better than you do. I was fascinated that my mind could help direct the patterning of my body. There’s a benefit to understanding that the mind and body perform different operations, but that doesn’t mean they operate independently of each other. Moving one’s body correctly is a serious business, and the body needs the help of the mind.

One of my attractions to Pilates was that I had control over what happens to me on so many levels, such as preventing my body from wearing down. My other attraction was that it is in line with Western thought, such as the Newtonian idea that everything operates like a machine or clock. In a huge way, things operate in a routine fashion. The body is like a machine. Think of the hip in its socket.

Since I can feel, listen to, and understand my own body really well, I want to share this information with others. People need to learn about their body mechanics early on, before they get injured—and even more so after they are injured. I hope you find my videos and iPhone apps helpful! Please reach out if you have a question.


  • Pilates Expert and Advocate
  • Consultant to USD Athletic Department
  • B.A. in Psychology
  • Pilates for Pink DVD for Shape Magazine
  • Article: Facts and Ideas. Rowing Biomechanics e-Journal, June, 2008
  • Second Place International Jump Rope Champion
  • Apple Developer for Fitness and Posture Apps